Chenelle Torry

Age: 44     Campus: River Oaks, IL
Program: Medical Insurance Coding and Billing   
Degree: Diploma

What were you doing before Westwood?

I was just hopping from job to job without giving anything my full attention.

What was your favorite thing about Westwood?

Westwood gave me the proper training and skills to get into the medical field. The schedule was flexible and, for the most part, the teachers were more like friends instead of teachers. They took time out to talk to me about being in the medical field and shared their experiences. I think that is what helped a lot of us stay and complete our education.

How did you overcome any challenges you faced as a student?

Spending time with my youngest daughter and working while in school was a task. Balance your schedule so that you won’t be stressed out. Sit down and talk to family members and ask for their support. Talk to your boss.

What's one piece of advice you would give to new students?

Stay in school and do not let anything distract you from completing your education. Stay focused and surround yourself with only positively-minded people.

What are you doing today?

The people I work with are just like family and I am just 15 minutes from home!

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